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September 14th 2005



Trying to give myself a boost today. I felt so down in the dumps yesterday evening and I need to kick myself back in line. No negative thoughts!!I wrote down everything I felt last night and will leave it a few days before reading it. After watching this mornings City Hospital with a woman that had Pit surgery for Acromegaly, I started examining my hands and feet. They balloned in size considerably when I got cushings but I never verbally got an answer on what my growth hormone was. I just get tested for thyroid and cortisol now - wondering about the growth hormone now. Madness! If its not one thing...Proof in the pudding that I need to start exercising or at least get out more often. I took Harry down to the local park after nursery today. We were only out for an hour but I started to feel extremely hot, my fingers started to swell and I felt light headed. This is just crazy. A year down the line and I still feel like rubbish after short outings.


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