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September 15th 2005



Experienced a few more episodes like a couple of days ago after walking Harry to nursery. My fingers started ballooning up, I felt incredibly light headed and the facial plethora was running riot - oh, and my lips went numb!! What the hell is going on...checked my blood sugars on the good advice of Doctor Christy...lol! and it was within normal range. I think I will give it another week or so with walking Harry to school. It may well be that my body is saying...whoa...exercise, what the bloody hell is happening here :spudniksurgeon: !Harry made a treasure bottle today - red dye in water in a clear plastic bottle that he had added glitter too. When you shake it, it looks very magical - has kept him very fascinated! He is helping them to build a mini habitat at nursery. It was so sweet, he has a best friend called Christopher and when they see eachother on arrivel they give eachother a big hug, it is like they are long lost relatives - its so cute! I am just sad as Harry will be moving to another school - we so need some stability for his sake - it has been hard for him to keep being pulled out of nursery - its happened twice now. I know we can't do anything about it but I am just so concerned that it will have an effect on him and he will find it hard to make new friends in the future.Spoke to Mum tonight - she is getting more and more excited about us moving in - I am thrilled! It seems like it is going to be a good move afterall. We talked about going to diet class together and motivating each other. She is going to take Steve to the train station so that will help with the cost of the commute. I just can't wait now... :wacko:


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