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20,000 Leagues under my house!



Harry and I have had a day of fun painting fishies and making octopusses (didn't get time yesterday!), squids and such. We painted a big sea scene and then pasted some shiny fish and then made some legs and heads for the octo and squid - got very messy and we were both covered in paint but great stress relief! Then onto the life size Octopuss made out of stuffed socks and a hoop covered in foil - managed to make a harness so he can wear it - It was huge - I was never good at home ec. but he loves it! Did some more reading as well, getting through those books - still in pain with the speaking out loud - annoying really as it means I can't do the voices for different characters. Just blitzed the kitchen - next the hoovering and then onto dinner. It is getting really tough, running out of gas right now and food is getting low but we have not got any spare cash. I really don't want to do another boot sale at the weekend but think I might have to. I am trying to be creative with the food, but you can only stretch it so far. This is ridiculous. I am making sure Harry gets all of his daily requirements but I am feeling very low on that front. My body seems to be craving fruit and fresh veg right now. Worst thing is time is going so slowly and I just want the next couple of week to fly by.Got no milk so can't have a cup of tea and I am gasping for one. Think I'll go and have a black coffee and read my book 'Angels and Demons' by Dan Brown.


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