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All The 3's - 33! God I Feel It!



Woke up with Steve singing "Happy Birthday" to me - I'd forgotten it was my birthday as I woke up quite groggy and this stinking sore throat has now developed into a cold, so I am feeling 33 today big time. Harry sang happy birthday to me after I convinced him it was indeed my birthday and not his. He was very adamant it was his birthday and proceeded to give me an imaginary birthday cake to eat and imaginary cards. He got very annoyed when I ate one of the imaginary cards by accident...whoops! He is going through a stage where he barks and pants like a dog, so we had Mr Doggy all the way to the train station dropping Steve off...we need to get out more often...lol! He descided to wear a wooly glove on one hand and a sock on the other, little did I know that he had snuck chocolate in the sock so by the time we started to head home after dropping Steve off he proceeded to show me his hand covered in melted chocolate!!! Lovely! And it is only 8:00am! Happy Birthday to me! I live in a madhouse!I've got no plans for today, we celebrated at the weekend, so I will just do the usual things. I am trying to pack my case as I am off to Majorca shortly with my Mum on my cousins hen week except she isn't getting married now - confusing I know - so it should be interesting! Its been a long time since I have been on holiday, several years in fact, so I am really looking forward to it. Steve is staying at home and Harry is off to his grandparents in Kent so we are all having a holiday from each other.God, I am feeling so frustrated. I have been asked to go for a medical examination by the Department of Work and Pensions in respect of my incapacity benefit claim. Get this, the date is on the 28th June, my incapacity benefit runs out 4 days after. I am returning to work yet I still have to attend a medical examination. I find it all so bloody patronising!Since I can remember I have always ended up in tears on my birthday, this morning I thought it would be different. The day started out so poitively, I had fun with my family. Now Harry is at nursery, I am alone, and I am so sad that I have been crying non-stop. I guess the phone call with the medical services started it and now I feel a mess. I just called Steve at work but he always finds it hard to talk so we only had a short conversation. I feel so alone again. I hate feeling like this.My day got better. A florist van drew up outside, my Mum had sent a huge bouquet of flowers to me, she is such a sweetie. Harry sang Happy Birthday to me all day and Steve cooked me a lovely meal to top it all, so I felt very pampered and it really got me out of this dreadful mood I had developed. So I had a fab day afterall.


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