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Spring cleaning in Autumn



Don't know where my energy came from today but I have blitzed my house - feel shattered now. Harry and I have been thinking about Halloween today and we have been making up stories and plays about a Witch - it amazes me just how creative he is at 4 - he loves Halloween - its not really that big over here although as we have Asda here which is part of Walmart they sell some fantastic and cheap Halloween costumes and accessories. We brought some spiders web with these plastic spiders that I keep finding and making me jump out of my skin. Steve reckons I'll go to pick one up and it'll be a real spider - I don't find that funny - he's a git!!My good friend Barbie emailed me today. She is such a lovely lady, we met in the neuro ward a year ago - she was recovering from breast cancer. She is in her 60's but has the vitality of a woman twenty years younger and a very beautiful soul. I am so glad we stayed in contact. It still amazes me that this illness has brought me so much pain yet so much joy too with all of the fantastic people I have met along the way.SPoke to Mum tonight. She is on a bit of a downer. Lots of money worries. I am going down there tomorrow as I said I'll give her our advance lodgings a week early. I guess in a way I know moving there will be good for us but in other respects I hope I am not walking into more stress by worrying about my Mums problems on top of my own. It is so 50/50 right now and I am a bit emotional thinking about it all. I just want resolution in my life and the chance to make a fresh start. I hope I am doing the right thing - I guess at least for the time being, I still ahv emy house if it all goes tits up and we need to live somewhere else.


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