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New Start



OK, I am going to try an experiment here...hoping it works and gives me motivation. Seems the most ideal thing for me seeing as though I log on every day. Time to get focused on my diet and exercise and see if I am doinf anything wrong, could be doing more or if it is these damn meds restricting my weight loss. So here we go, a weekly weigh in and measurement chart and a daily list of what I eat and drink.Week 1:Measurements: Chest - 49"; waist - 46"; hips - 46"; Left knee - 18"; Left Thigh - 28"; Left arm - 17".Monday 17th October 2005:Exercise: 20 minutes on the strider.Breakfast: 1 cup of tea with semi-milk and one sugar; 1 small banana; 1 low-fat peach yoghurtLunch: 1 bowl of low fat tomato and basil soupWater: 3 glasses (1/2 pt glass)Comments: Need to get myself physically fit, alter my diet and get myself in good condition to start my new life and get a job. The house move has got me passionate again about life and living. I need to do this for me NOW.


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