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Three Appointments In



So, a recap a bit. Mr. Fogg is my Family Nurse Practioner- FNP- and they have a lot of rights in Oregon. Can write prescriptions, they do a lot. I saw him two years ago for about 6 - 9 months and he changed all my meds to help my kidney pain. The NSAIDS- non steroidal anti-inflammatory- medications were causing some pain in it. He did a lot. I found him again a couple months ago, and my first appt about 3 weeks ago I see him once a week.He opened his own practice. It is about 8 miles down the road and it's SUCH a beautiful drive I enjoy it a lot. It's the area mom and I want to move to but is considered pretty expensive. All private land and homes; no cookie cutter houses. Country-ish. The fall leaves... well it's the reason we just love Oregon. We're trying to not move from the area now. ONE DAY there will be some affordable land but with all the medical bills my mom has paid for me [mostly meds] her credit cards are up and there is no cash. ANYWAYS. We no longer will move from the area, at least I wont, as I have a medical team I trust. He opened his practice in a separate building here. No big major medical center I go to the hospital for extensive labs. He has a lab inside the building! And two doctors- one is an Internist, the other a general practioner. They are both women. Dr. Fahey is the internist. He has a WONDERFUL staff who all know me now by name and well I cannot say how wonderful this is. And I don't have to pay anymore... Because I got insurance. We hugged three times our first meeting. He is so happy to be treating me. Frankly, I think he's just happy I'm alive sometimes it has been iffy. He said I have done a great job getting down to 19mgs prednisone from 30mgs last time I saw him. Without doctors. Anyways, he is about 60 or so [an ageless soul kinda hard to tell!] and is also the local fire chief. Isn't that cute? He smiles a lot and it makes me feel good. He has many degrees, most notably in chemistry. For a picture of him go to his site: www.avfm-or.com/np/fogg.htmlHis attitude keeps mine up. He said I'm going to be okay. I am going to get off these steroids. We're going to 'chip away' at my symptoms and he always gives me hope. He listens. He responds appropriately. No appointment has taken less than an hour. My first took two hours. No interruptions. Anyways. He wants me to see a pain management doctor. My insurance doesnt cover it so I said no way, maybe in January. This week I revised it to next payday I need help! Codiene 3's don't help the back pain much. He gave me percocets last week but it was over 2.00 per pill so that isn't going to work my insurance pays zero for narcotics. He wants me to try methadone. It is NOT just a drug for drug addicts! I checked it out. They say you can have a better quality of life on it. Helps the pain by constantly releasing a narcotic. It is long term use only. Withdrawl if not taken on time. BUT IT IS CHEAP. Real cheap. However, for him to prescribe it is frowned upon so he wants me to see the pain doctor. I have never seen one. And get this...He said he has no doubt I am in serious pain. He said he does not worry about me overdosing and dying- I am not a suicide risk. Do you know how wonderful that is to hear? I'd marry him if he wasnt already married ha ha ha. Kidding! So, I will see her next month as I get paid on the first. I will have to not pay my cable bill or sth to pay for it. My mom is broke. Cannot do it have to do it myself. No idea yet on the estimate... but Stanley, his admin, is working on it and will let me know.What else. Well, he did the major blood tests. My cholesterol is over 500. My good cholesterol is low. It's scary as my father died last year of clogged arteries. It runs in BOTH my mom and dad's side my mom also has very high cholesterol. Cushings means I cannot break down fats at all, so it's normal but it's still scary. Hasn't a thing to do with what I eat. So I am now on liptor which will help. My blood pressure was low, then normal. Narcotics make it low. Also the cushings makes it high but the drug I am on works whereas nothing else has past 6 years or more. But it isnt covered under the plan and is 220.00 for a 90 day supply. So, another drug to try and push through my insurance as it is a kidney saver drug and the others arent they are harmful. If not, will have no choice but to change. Umm. I have hives again. Too long to go into but it means the lowered steroids are making themselves known. I got atarax for itching but havent taken it yet. Right now, they and the eczema on my face and neck arent too noticeable. I hope I do not look like a freak again but if I do, so be it. That's just the way it is. I have had serious, almost-coma incidents with blood sugar. Extreme highs, extreme lows. My tests came back positive this time. I have Type II diabetes officially now, and am insulin resistent. This is the first time we've been able to catch it on tests every time. I start the drug 'Actos' as soon as the insurance approves it as it is very expensive. This will normalize my sugars so I can continue to go down on the steroids. Right now, he said no way. Bummer that. I still am getting a cortisol reading in my urine. Have to pee in a jug for 24 hours. Fun. The lab gave me one without a preservative so I told him no way i aint doing it again cause of that lol. So I just have to pick up another jug and tell them they're dorks for forgetting it :PI am at 19mgs steroids. When I get to 10mgs or so, we will check to see if my adrenal works at all. That is a milestone- I can't wait. If not, then I will always need steroids. We shall see.Oh. My Mr. Fogg wants me to see his internist, Dr. Fahey. She will take over my care. He said he is a nurse and is NOT handed me off; he will still see me once a month, per my request. He said I deserve the best care possible and she knows more than him. He has discussed my case extensively with her. He said sorry if it makes it sound like I am under a mircoscope but nope I don't mind. Only 2 people in 100,000 people get cushings. I am still considered a medical mystery. Not that I have cushings so much as why i STILL have it and my sensitivity to the prednisone etc. Smoking. He has heard my pleas for help. I start wellbutrin as soon as the insurance co approves it. The nurse case manager called me the other day wants to talk to me. Hasnt called me back phone tag. Probably want to know more about cushings. I am used to it I guess.I am worried about the wellbutrin. I know it will work I had it once before for depression but it made me a little crazy and I stopped it. My meds were much different then though, and I am more stable mentally now. My mom is all worried. But I am willing to do almost anything to stop smoking. It is nasty and expensive and it is embarassing to say just how addicted I am. I am telling you. I am feeling like a miracle woman sometimes that I can go through so much. My back... gosh. I slept for nine hours today and woke up with it on fire. It has taken three hours to get under control. Anyways, my MRIs will be evaluated by Dr. Fahey. I don't know if it's slipped disk/s, osteoporosis [i have a bone density scan on 11/22], or myofasical pain syndrome brought on by the neurologist in may who pressed hard on it. Whatever it is, it's affecting my quality of life thus the pain management need. My mom doesnt want me on type II narcotics. Worries. She deals with her disk pain but I cannot. I am too fat; there is too much pressure on the area. And... my thigh is numb 50% of the time. So there are definitely pinched nerves. I will not be able to have surgery no matter what, so pain management is the key. I am never NOT in pain it is just degrees of pain. So no, I don't expect ya all to read this whole thing lol. Just know it is my way of keeping a diary of sorts. Love ya guys!


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