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Drugged UP



I did it. I made an appointment with a pain management doctor/specialist. It is for 12/5- cause i get paid on the 1st. Merry Christmas to me. It will be as much as $250.00 This is good. I am investing in myself, in my quality of life. So yes, the reason I am so chatty is because my doc just gave me a new schedule II narcotic. Straight Oxycontin. No acetaminophen filler, no nothing else. It is double the strength of percocet and its cheap. 33.00 for a month thats cheap. So I guess i am feeling a bit high But oh man it could NOT have come at a better time. I so so so need a break from pain. We shall see if i can get used to it so far as taking it long term. I actually hate the feeling of narcotics. I dont like to lose control. Dont like to drink, dont like anything like that. But, after 27 years of chronic pain, I am ready to admit that I need it. My doc says this specialist might suggest a combination of drugs to control my pain long term. So it isnt just one drug, etc. But I do hear and my research suggests that the Methadone my doc thinks I will do well on will allow me a better quality of life. They say it is less of a high feeling. I hope so. People tend to really look at ya funny when youre high The main pain factor is my back. A neurologist pressed on what he calls trigger points in my back in May. The pain was never ever this bad before he touched it! Anyways. MRIs were done but results not in yet. Safe to say nerves are trapped as my thigh is numb. I admit, I will be surprised if it is NOT a slipped or degenerative disk. The pain is just unrelenting. The only position that doesnt make it worse is sitting. I found a Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Sufferers support group. My neighbor, Jamie, has an injured back and she is not able to work and is pregnant. So she has agreed to go to the meetings with me! There are no cushings groups here. Pretty small town and only two cushies total in my area, Sherri, the other cushie who lives here, told me about it. I figured fibromyalgia pain is one of the WORST possible so even if i dont have it, or only some trigger points, and my neighbor not at all, that at least we can get in a group of people who understand pain. Proactive. Trying to embrace my life.I created a new board. It's from EXboards. I think MaryO used to be on them, us here. Not sure. Don't really have any members yet and it's got topics to post on medical, writing, hobbies. Anything you want really. It's fair to say I like to talk, but since I have been focusing more on myself and am seeing good results, I guess I'll never really be as active here as I once was. It is just too stressful I suppose. Hard to admit. I like to help. I also kind of lost my memory with some things. I don't understand other types of cushings as well as I once did. I find that my symptoms and particular situation with steroids is kind of unique. Just doing what I can to fill the hours with friends and other things. Still havent started painting yet, but its all part of the plan to chill. :DOh. The link is: http://p101.ezboard.com/bcoffeestainsI do believe you have to register with EZboards to access it, but you might be able to view it. Anyways, would be happy to talk to peeps if you feel like something different. Im not all into advertisting but i like learning new things and metting people in a smaller environment. The second batch of cushie dolls went out last week :spudniksurgeon:


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