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Interviews coming out of my ears...!



Well I had my first of four interviews yesterday for a secretarial post in the Neurosurgery's Critical Care Unit. I was fairly calm right until I entered the interview room and then I was shaking like a leaf. Its been a long time since I have had a big interview like this, I hadn't prepared much apart from researching the department and its team so I winged it a bit. I managed to answer all of their questions OK, I think I gave a few good answers, may have waffled in a few places and not sure on one of the replies. I don't think I got the job although they were lovely people and gave no indication that I haven't got it - I just had a gut feeling that I probably haven't got it. In any case, I have another interview next Tuesday for an admin post at the local college, and then two more interviews at the hospital, one in Dermatology and the other in Urology for Medical Secretary posts. I also have yet to hear about the interview for the nursing course, so we'll see what happens...ast least I have a few options - I just hate interviews!!Still waiting to hear about my results but I have a feeling I will have to have the MRI first and then mt Dr. will look at the picture as a whole and invite me in for an appointment, so it may be a while yet.Today has been a bit quiet. Thinking about Sue after Mary's post. I hope she is OK today. I've posted a few festive recipes on the forum. Looking forward to Christmas, just got a couple of emails from some old work friends which was lovely. Susan has got me onto card making after she sent me that wonderful kit to get started. I am checking out some of the websites and would love to be able to send out some home made cards to people this Christmas - I think it makes it more personal and special.Well best go. Got tons of washing to do...its been foggy here the past few days and we're due for arctic weather on Friday - have a feeling we'll be building snowmen this weekend.4:45pm Update on the nurses application...they received it on the 16th and its still being processed...I hate this waiting game...just wanna know....and like Veruca Salt - I want to know NOW!!!! This really has me hanging the balance right now on which way I go career wise.


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