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Voldemort is back...!



Its been a relaxing day today. I went and saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was a great escape for a couple of hours...thoroughly recommend it for the big kids in all of us. Can't wait for the next film now!! Oh, well, will have to be satisfied with Chronicles of Narnia when it comes out in December.Started on the Christmas cards today...got a third of the way through and give up...got writers cramp I think!Having a nice relaxng evening with a large glass of port and lemon, watching the X-Factor and I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here and just going square eyed with the TV. The port should knock me out as I can't take my drink!! Haven't drunk for two years and have just started having the odd glass or two...shock to the old system but nice all the same :spudniksurgeon: Harry is bashing Steve right now, saying he is a water dragon...not sure where he has got that expression from but we have to go round pretending we are on fire whilst the water dragon breathes water on us!!! Imaginations of kids!!Well, off to have dinner. Steve has cooked a nice casserole...need it in this weather...bloody freezing!


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