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Had my interview - horray!



I posted this on the boards, but I'll post it here as well...had my nursing interview yesterday and here's how it went...It was a bit of a long one. There were 4 of us being interviewed. The 3 other women were in the 20's and were applying for the full-time course, so I was the only one being interviewed for the flexible course. I felt like a bit of a Mother Hen actually as the others were quite quiet and reluctant to speak up. We went to the main admissions office initially to hand in all of our documents for the Criminal Records check and ecuation certificates. Then we were taken to another building for an indroduction to the course. Our interviewers were a course tutor/lecturerer and a visiting nurse from a local PCT. Both were very welcoming and lovely. The course sounds very interesting. In the first year (foundation) we will get to study all 4 branches of nursing; mental health; learning disabilities; childrens and adult. We will be looking at it from the patients perspective - so I should do well there!! The University is lovely and has modern buildings and old buildings. We will be based in a traditional building with huge arched sash windows reminiscent of Florence Nightingales era!! The course tutor asked us a few questions and I was te first to speak which then helped the others in the group to speak up - I felt that age was definetly on my side. The interview itself went well, although I do worry that I talk too much and can end up seeming overly confident, but it is just due to nervousness so I am hoping I did OK. We were told before we went in that the morning was more to see whether we liked the University and if it was right for us so I am hoping that is a good indicator that we may get a place! I have to wait 2 weeks now for an answer and it is going to be so awful waiting...I will be hounding Mr Postman every day...lol! I also had the occupational health check and was given the all clear. Horrah!! I just need to get the Hep B injections sorted out but the University have said that if my local GP charges for this service then they will do it for free, which is good news.If I get a place, I will start on Jan. 16th - I am so excited now that I have been there - I really hope I gave a good impression. The one thing which I thought was a nice compliment was that the lecturer said I was very articulate and that I explain things well. She also said that I would be a good candidate for running their Internet group given the days I spend here!! ...I am really happy with my interview...if I don't get in then there is something seriously hindering my interview technique...right now I have the health check clearance from the University, my references are good, the CRB check should be fine...can't recall any criminal past activity I may have participated in... :ph34r: ...so that just leaves the interview...if I did OK in that, then I should get in...just wish this damn paranoia and analysing every word would not invade my head...!! I can't be alone in doing this after interviews.


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