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Saturday...thank heavens!



Its been a bit of a funny old week this week. Christmas seems to be on our doorstep and we haven't got much in the way of preparation yet but as usual money is a contributing factor. I had one of my interviews cancelled next week - I was unable to make it so tried to rearrange it but they have now cancelled. I still have one on Monday though. Need to cover all my bases in the event of not getting on the course. We took Harry to a local school Christmas fair last night. It was at my old primary school and it hasn't changed a bit - the Christmas fairs were set out the same as well. I saw so many old faces and even bumped into one of my oldest friends who I haven't seen for a few years but her children go to this school. She spotted my Mum and said hello and I had my back to her, I turned round and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head - we have eachother a massive hug and within seconds she was invited me out - it was lovely - but I must admit I felt somewhat awkward...and self-concious - I have been avoiding seeing old friends for so long that being thrown into that situation unexpectedly shocked me - but to be honest, its probably a push I needed as avoidance was becoming very comfortable for me.I cannot believe just how many familiar faces I am seeing now I am back in my old town. Most of us said that we would leave for good but most of us have stayed or returned - funny how that happens. I saw lots of faces that I recognised but just couldn't place, it was very surreal.Harry saw Father Christmas on his own, which he loved although the guy playing him thought Harry was alot older and was going to give him one of the 5 and over toys - Harry put him straight!!


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