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fighting more health problems



Well today is saturday and it has been a rough week. as they tried to lower my steriods and of course I got a severe infection pneumonia this time and now i start with this stomach viris so I not able to keep my meds down. and to top it all off my husband didn't get home this weekend. he drives truck and he is my support system. I know i need to go to the er because i fill a crash coming on. but I can't stand going there espically with out my husband. then there is issue of the kids. I have to find a new treatment I guesss i should telll my story. I was dia 14 years ago with a pit tumor at that point it just effectewd my adreline so we just started on the predizone.... but as the years has gone by the tumor has killed my pit gland now. last year they told me the steriods are killing me and damaging my organs but if I don't take I will die. My last cortisol stem test didn't register a number so the doctor he not willing for me to betaken off my steriods to run any addtional test. At that point went back to the neurosurgeron and he says it would do good to take ouut as the gland is dead and not functing. but Now i on about 15mg off decron and florniss it equil to about 120 mg of predizone I cannot take predizone as it will get me a break down. Some days I just get so tired of battling this disease on the one hand you have addssions and the other steriod induced cushing I gain so much weight I don't reconize myself, I don't even remember the old me.. I LIVE IN CONNSTANT PAIN THE DOCTOR WWANT ME TO ONLY WALK 200 FEET IN A DAY that impossiable but he says i need to say my adreline for life sustaining... At this point I have no quality of life. I just have to rely on my fail in god to help me though this journey I GLAD i found this website because i really don't have any friends anymore with being so sick when i had my seizure three years ago and lost my memory nothing been the same since I THANK GOD FOR MY HUSBAND AND MY KIDS WE ONLY BEEN MARRIED 3 YEARS BUT HE IS GREAT TO ME. JUST HARD FOR ME WHEN HE ON THE ROAD SO MUCH BUT WE HAVE TO HAVE THE INSURANCE I HAVE APPLIED FOR SOCIAL SECURITY BUT DON'T KNOWQANYTHING YET. TO THINK i USED TO WORK AT LEAST A 60 HR WEEK 2 YEARS AGO NOW I CAN HARDLY COOK DINNER... WELL IF ANYONE HAS ANYADVICE PLEASE LET ME KKNOW

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It's lovely to see another blogger Kandy!! I hope we can give each other all the support we need...you need not feel alone here...


Much love




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