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Still waiting



Still waiting on the doctor to call this is ridoulous to have to wait on a doctor this long but he the only endo around so what choice do IO have. I guess there is not much elsae I can do but wait. I guess if it get worst I end up in the er for sure. At least today I was able to get up and out of bed not good for much else right now. Gonna try and clean some because I beleive Ken will be coming to town tonoght he has to be in houtonn tomorrow night but at least he be home for one night. he always keeps me center so maybe that will help hopeful he won't make me go in but I keep bottom out on my steriods and i am not sure why I guess if i know the answer I have alot of answers for what going on with me right now. I just hope it not kidney stones again last time that happen I ended in the hospital 6 weeks and home health 6 weeks I just not sure I could handle that again well gor to run


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