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the waiting game



I still waiting to hear from my endo I guess we are playing the waiting game but I bottom out today so I have to do something differant something is difinally going on with my levels. I was talking with ken tonight and we decided I have no quality of life right now So we need to Do something diferant What that will be I ma not sure I am thankful I have a suppportive husband so many people don't have that. It hard for my family to understand it . But I truly beleive if you don't have to deal with it.... You can't truly understand ..... You can try ...... that what Ken says He does a lot of research...... and that has help him understand ...... The hardest part is people think you just want to do things it not that you don't want too it just because you don't have the energy. I about the worst I have been I fight so hard to keep things normal at our house But I have to sit while I am cooking and had to use a wheelchair at walmart that is something I have fought I just scared that I am getting to the point of giving up just becasue it takes so much energy. well I guess I should get to bed


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