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Busy, busy bee that's me



Been busy sorting out Dex tests, 24hr urines...getting it right...thanks Liz!! Nearly sorted out a place for Harry's childcare, have a tour on Tuesday...nearly sorted out what I may be entitled to with bursaries....booked appointment for Hep B injection so I can start my course....writing endless lists for what I need to do over Christmas, presents, food etc and whether we can afford it...in between looking after the little monster and trying to keep fit...Well off to do some washing up, cook a casserole and clear up 100 crayons that the monster has just chucked on the floor...and Nan is home in 10 minutes....Aaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!OK, had dinner...now I am calm....booked to have my hair restyled tomorrow evening so hopefully should look semi-trendy on Saturday night. Having it all chopped off.


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