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Dex tests again...



Started the dex test today. Taking 1/2 a tablet twice a day for 3 days...24hr urines on days 2 & 3 and then taking a full tablet four times a day for 2 days with 24hr urines - with bloods in between and after. What joyFelt rough after taking the dex tablet this morning...major headaches, feeling exhausted, cheeks on fire and feel like walnuts are back - squirrel has buried his nuts in my cheeks...Its now 10am and I am feeling a bit better although lips are now going numb (?), head is still fuzzy but not hurting so much and just feel tired. Feels like my eye sockets are aching and tired (?). I am taking this to be a good sign...what is it with getting a cure with this disease. Post-op, if we feel crappy, it is a good sign....and can still be a bad sign...its is so confusing....I am hoping that this is a good sign as the exhaustion has set in and I feel really crappy - I am taking that as I am not producing excess cortisol therefore am not feeling like I have boundless energy and on a high with the excess...am I right in thinking along these lines? I am going to post this on my dex thread and see if any of you can give me any ideas...I really do find all this confusing right now. Can't wait to have the MRI and really clarify if the buggar is back or not. My gut feeling is its not, but I have been wrong so many times and my gut tells me lots of big fat lies!!!


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