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Merry Christmas Everyone!



Taking a break and a breather from all of the Christmas food drink and frivoloties...its been such a wonderful day...last night I cut out white reindeer paw prints and Santa foot prints and put them all over the living room floor near the chimney by a half-eaten plate of mince pies and a carrot that Harry had left out for Santa and the reindeer...the look on his face this morning was truly magical when I told him they were snow prints left by Santa and Rudolph...!!Steve and I kept waking up at Harry's every turn last night ready to wish him a merry christmas, but what happened, he just turned over and went back to sleep...we are bigger children than he is!! At 6am he finally woke, rather gumpily until we pointed out Santa had left a stocking at the end of his bed...he was so excited and then we led him downstairs to see the footprints and sat round sharing our gifts. We then spent the morning playing games and listening to festive music. Steve and I started on dinner...yes I did cook in the end...and we had a wonderful Christmas dinner which stuffed us to the brim and the drinks were flowing...we have all had naps and are somewhat refreshed. Just had a hot water and lemon to try and wake myself up but my stomach feels so full!! Sitting down to watch television and chill out with some irish coffees and leftovers if we can fit them in...I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Its nearly 8pm here so I am sure some of you will be celebrating still int he afternoon now and it will be over in Australia - but still I hope everyone has had a special day and wish you all good things for the coming year!


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