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Home alone!



Well, I am home with Mum - Steve and Harry have headed off down south to my in-laws and I am having a nice break with Mum...we have been complete and utter slobs today - and it is so quiet...very strange...too quiet...but it has been lovely - had two calls already from Steve to let me know they're OK and that he misses me - they've only been gone a few hours!! Apparently Harry has been spoilt rotten and has been given a couple of toys my Mum is just going to love having in the house - Steves younger brothers having a laugh, me thinks!! Boys will be boys and boys and their toys - one pressie is a hovercraft helicopter and the other is a silly string gun - apparently he has used one canister already so god knows what Steves Mum's house must look like!! A war zone, I imagine...!!Well, back to Robbie Williams in Berlin and a few more choccies...oh no, I couldn;t possibly... :glare: I am going to need one big De-tox in the New Year - My aunt brought Mum the 10 years younger book which I think I am going to have to nick from her in the hope that next year I can knowck a few years and alot of pounds off...till then, pass me the choccies...!


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