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Had a lovely peaceful morning...and a lie in!!!! The house is quiet, its' snowing outside...I have been reading my book and listening to music of my own choice...I haven't had a day like this in, well I can't remember...as much as I love my boys...boy do I love my own time too :) ! Not sure if they're coming back today or tomorrow...so I am makeing the most of the time I do have left... :glare: ! They have not even been gone a day and Steve has called me 3 times already! :wacko:4:20pm - well, I have been busy whilst the boys are away...had a massive clear out of old clothes...bagged up lots of Harry's 2-3yr old clothes and some of mine, ready for the charity shop - 5 bags in all, but its cleared a tremendous amount of space. Sorted out aour room and created more space too in preparation for all of these presents Steve will be bringing back!! We have hardly any room, so don't know where its all going to go. Seriously need to sort out Harry's cuddly toy collection but hate to part with any of the little critters...I am far too sentimental...was going to throw out a couple of his costumes today, Mr Incredible was one of his first, so stopped myself as I got teary eyed...how sad a Mum am I!!I'm off to do some more ironing and then chill out with a large glass of wine and Mum's cooking me bangers and mash...oh, we know how to live the good life...she has been vegging out downstairs all day and has kindly left me one choccie...thanks Mum!!


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