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Some people...



Steve called last night to say he should be home today pending the weather...severe snow in his area right now, so hopefully it will clear today and he can come home - I have my MRI tomorrow and was hoping he would come with me. Sounds like he had an eventful time at his families house. His brother ended up apologising for the way he has been acting in the past 3 years. He finally told us he was gay a few months ago. We are so supportive of him and are firm believers that you choose your own path and his happiness is the most important thing. They both had a long chat. We asked Steves family for help some time ago when we knew we had to go bankrupt - they were our last resort as we didn't want to trouble them but we were desperate and they said no. At the time I told Steve the impression I had was that they thought we were scroungers and that they had no conception of what we had been through. I was right and Steve confirmed this. Once he told his brother, apparently he was shocked that Steves Mum hadn't told them anything...but that doesn't surprise me. I asked Steve if they had asked why I hadn't come to visit too. Steve said there was no mention of me...again no surprises there..I just find it incredibly sad. Steves eldest brother visited with his wife - Steve hadn't seen them in 5 years or more and all he did was speak to Steve for 5 minutes in an entire afternoon. This is the same brother that Steve was so close to as a child, it is very sad. I don't think Steve wants to give him the time of day now. It is just ironic how his family looked down their noses at my family and thought we were strange because we worried and cared for each other so much, but in the bigger picture I may have been bought up in a single family but the love we have for eachother is incredible and we would do anything for each other in an hour of need...that's what familes are about, something that seems to fall short with Steves family. I swear they treat their dogs better. I have no respect for people that are materialistic in their approach to life...it is a big turn off for me and I think people becom very ugly when they approach life through the objects they own or want. When I was earning a fortune when I had my own business I used to invite them over and we would put on expensive meals and spreads, we would buy expensive gifts, I paid for them to attend our wedding in the Carribbean, but when I got ill and we lost everything they turned their back on us in our hour of need. I find that very sad but when things like this happen it helps us to see who our true friends are. I am so glad I didn't go down there this Christmas. I can't wait for my boys to get home now to their real family...


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