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I OD'd!



So, when you take about 10 pills in the morning, every morning? Yeah. And, three of those pills are to be taken [1] in the morning; and [2] every eight hours after that? Don't put them in the same little pill box. Really. Here's why:I realized within 10 minutes of my taking my morning pills today that my pill box for today was empty. Yeah. Meaning, i had take three times the dose of my methadone than i normally would. Three pills, 5mgs each; for a total of 15mgs per day. Every eight hours or so. That's how I take them. I thought OMG what am I gonna do? I didn't want to call my doctor she's off today and would think I wasn't capable of taking it or would deem me incompetent of something horrible. So what to do? I thought about throwing up but as the pills aren't coated I know they disintegrate on contact. And, I can't throw up easily. So, I looked it up online and decided to call the Poison Control Center. Not sure if Canadians know what that is but it's the ones who tell you what to do when you overdose, or your child drinks anti-freeze or something. They took all my current medicines down and said I would probably be alright. BUT, I had to have someone here with me all day to make sure I didn't fall asleep. So I called my mom, said I needed her here all day and to leave immediately. She did. No questions asked. She said I couldn't fall asleep cause it's a CNS depressant so I could stop breathing and stuff; makes sense to me but OH MAN this stuff makes ya tired. So mom was here just to make sure that if I did fall asleep, she could rouse me awake. But I didn't I was good and stayed awake by calling my sister who was ready to talk she sent me an email just then. I was out of the woods after six hours. Whew. It was scary and stressful and my sugars are up like crazy from stress. Had to cancel my appointment for the GI for the 2nd time they were nice though. And, best of all, it's all confidential no telling my doctor! They called me twice to see how I was doing and declared me ok.IF I had trouble I would have had to have an ambulance take me to the hospital [not allowed to be driven] and be given the antidote. Interesting. I figured THAT would be a fiasco. I mean, you know, neighbors and embarassment and too fat and all that then my dr would definitely find out. So all's well that ends well. Thought I was likely to take a good long nap but then I couldn't sleep. Go figure!!!My mom fell asleep poor dear she wasn't feeling great today. I let her sleep. Well, for sure I will be keeping my methadone in a different container! Pills can get messed up easily even when you're careful. Hard to keep track of them all. Geez. Scary! I must say. Thankfully I was lucid long enough to know who to call. Poison Control man they were sure nice and helpful. And my mom. What WOULD I do without mom?


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