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Happy New Year! 2006!



Well, its the mornign after the night before...feeling a little hung over...toasted int he New Year with Steve and a bottle of champagne...we didn;t go anywhere, just stayed at home and watched Jools Holland. Mum and Harry went to bed early. I was proud of myself as this is the first year in 3 years that I have managed to stay up to see the New Year in - I have been too ill all previous years and had no energy to keep awake. Start as I mean to go on.I have got so many goals this year - I won't say resolutions as I will break them. I am going to try and tackle wach one a day at a time. My main focus has to be putting more effort in with Steve...I also need to tackle my weight head on and hope that all the hormonal problems I still have won't stop me from losing all of this excess weight. I know even if I lost 2 stone I would feel better in myself but I know it is going to take so much hard work, motivation and dedication on my part - I always find it hard to stick to dieting and have to view this not as a diet but the steps that are going to stop me from having a stroke! I start my nursing career in 15 days...I am so pleased that I have achieved what I wanted and can't wait.The other thing I need to get sorted is my financial affairs and I will be hitting those head on this year and hopefully by 2007 we will notice a positive improvement in our situation. It is going to take time and planning but we will get there...I am also going to start a journal and keep track of everything, I have fallen behind on checking important things like my blood sugars, which have risen since I moved to Mum's...I also need to keep a log of what I am eating and my weight/measurements if I am to succeed at all. I have a habit of eating things and then sit in denial as to they don;t count - chocolate is one of my big offenders - I am going to try out this Dr Ali's diet and cut out fat and see if that has an effect. I have had stomache problems since I can remember so am hoping this diet will doas it says and combat that. If I notice significant differences to my weight/hormones/stomache problems - I will certainly be sharing it with you - still committed to the Monday check-ins Cheryl!!Well, ambitios plans I know, but thats what New Year is all about, looking back, reflecting on the past year and re-assessing the way forward.Happy New Year everyone!!


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