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I swear someone took my body...



Oh god, I ache all over, my body is not my own today...I am seriously paying for moving all that furniture 2 days ago. Stupid, stupid woman that I am....won't ask for help, need to do it all myself and look at me (well you can't) I am a bloody wreck. My blood sugars are slightly elevated but within normal range, this damn lumps on the side of my neck are enlarged again, each muscle is painful and I keep checking for my hump, it feels like I still have a small one, but I can't be sure...Steve says I need to rest up today...I am getting so worried about the physical aspects of working in a hospital now...I really need to find out what my results are...this is driving me crazy not knowing and thinking I have this whole future ahead of me that I can't be certain that I am fit or not for...just going with the flow right now. I think the problem with me is my head says do it, my body says, oh please think about it and the two don't communicate effectively :glare: Think I'll just put the old tired feet up today and try and get some reading in...I have a study skills book, a practice nurse book, a biology workbook to get through...Well, little one is bargaining for the computer, so I better sign off. Its 7:40am here and is cold and dark outside....3:20pm - Just been to the doctors to get my 1st Hep B injection and lo and behold told me I can't have it yet until they have spoken to my consultant and he has said its OK.


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