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one more day



Well it Monday morning I cqan't wait to tomorrow to meet with the neuro surgeron kinda scare in someway but mostly just ready to get it over with.The swelling is so bad today as it was yesterday can barely stand to be on my feet. I got this am tried to staight up the house a bit but I had a black out so I guess i better take it easy as i don't want anymore broken bones right now. Ken just called from beau bridges and will be homein a hour or so. So he get tthe girls to clean up there messes this afternoon for some reason they do it better from him. but really they are good kids. with the news that jessie is engaged well that makes three out of four of our children engaged and the thought of three wedding makes me tired just thinking about it. Well I think bud and tasha will be the first for the wedding they are thinking about march that not so bad because tasha mom will have most of the planning now the other two Me being the mom of the girls it all fall on me. I know With Brittany and Keith I have at least a year but with Jessie and jr they do things fast so i am not sure when they set their date. I told please let me get my surgery and heal for a few weeks before i have to start planning a wedding. But right now i have to concretrated on my appointment tomorrow kinda hoping tonight our house is not the hang out place itbhas been all weekend and i kinda need a quiet night to focus maybe because ken in they hang out at jr tonight and Britttany is working plus Brittany and keith don't see each other during the week so they can concrete on their classes thank goodness they are level headed Britt wasn't feeling so well this morning kinda worried about how she is handling my planing on the surgery she won't really talk about it. I stay up last night til she got in from work so we have a feww minutes to talk me and her have always been so close but with all the changes around our house and in her life it kinda hard to find time just for her and me and that when she opens up so I have to try harder when my girls were younger we always mommmy daugter dates so it gave them indiv attention but as they get older it harder and harder to find time with them. I going to print some stuff to take to the doctorr tomorrow and make a list of questions so that I don't forget anything. well that all for now need to go put up my feet as they are turning purple from the swelling


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