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Its 12:48 right now - no news as yet...just been to the Dr's as I was supposed to have my Hep B injection today but the nurse got her days mixed up and it is tomorrow not today - I feel absolutely exhausted having walked up there and back. I just feel rough, heads all over the place, all my limbs are aching and my eyes keeping goign in and out of focus - what the hell is going on...!!Had a call from the Learning Support officer at Uni today to find out if I need any special assistance. I didn't want to mention anything yet as I have no firm results back. My Aunt, who is a Sister at our local hospital suggested I ask for a parking permit to park close to Uni if I do end up having a reccurance. They are also going to help during exams - I will be allowed to have a room to do my exam in so that I am able to take my meds at specific times. She said if anything crops up then let her know and they'll help. The one thing I am now panicking about is I had a letter from the Uni OH saying they are refering me to a Doctor at the local hospital - I don't want anything to jeopardise my place - we'll see...I received a lovely gift from Sharon today as a good luck for my course, 2 books and a photo holder - I have sent you an email Sharon, if you read this but you are an angel - thank you!! Harry and I were very excited when the postman knocked. I just feel pooped! and these damn lumps on the side of my neck are up again. I just want to sleep. Wish she would call soon.6:00pm - Well, confirmed...its back! - read more at http://cushings.invisionzone.com/index.php...pic=14576&st=40


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