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MOre Questions then answers



Today has not been a very good day it one of the days that I wish Ken did not drive truck for a living... I got a call yesterday telling me they found a basketball size cyst on my right ovary but i went in to the ob gyn this morning it could not be a cyst as the syst are produced by hormones and since i don't make homornes so he order a pelvic ultra sound and told me he thinks it a tumor that is leaking in my and possably bleeding which would cause the severe pain Right now I am home alone and I just feel like crying maybe it good everyone is gone I need to be strong for my family and tonight I am not strong. I just need to regroup Times like these I really miss my dad He always was there could help me regroup and soometimes all these doctors are so cruel I guess being a docctor makes you hard but the neuro sorgeron was so cruel this weekend I hope he nevers has to face an illness or his wife because he is so uncaring Thank goodness my ob gyn has heart he told me if I could not stand the psin anymore just go to the er so that is the plan try to make til monday but the pain is gettiing worse by the moment well I write more later hurts to stay in one postion very long


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