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incrediable looking back



I am shocked when I read my other blogs. I have not had anymore TIA symtoms. They never did officialy find out what was happening. There were several theorys but no real diagnosis. I really beleive they were TIA like symtoms due to stress of working and being on way too many meds. I still have the headaches but not like they were before, again I think it was the meds. Dr.L says TIA can happen with cushing's. So who knows. I am still not well, I have no energy to do anything, even on days when I feel a cortisol high I am only good for about 3 hours max. I may not be sleepy on these day but have no strength to do anything. I don't even do the grocery shopping anymore. My poor hubby. I have no memory, I can't even imagine teaching right now, I have to look everthing up when I want info cuz I can't remember anything. My daughter wanted help last week with very simple alegeba and I could not remember how to do it, and to think, last year I was teaching doseage calc.I am waiting on my CSS results and if it is indeed pituitary I will soon be on my way to surgery. I am scared......It is finally here and I am terrified. I just want to be better and have my life back, memory and all.


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