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What's been happening...



Well, been a while since I blogged. Tons has happened. Was diagnosed with reccurance, saw a registrar in the neurosurgery team, saw my endo, had a confirmed surgery date, had a cancelled surgery due to a cold, waiting for a new surgery date. Tumour has grown, cushings no where near as bad as last time - hoping this 2nd op will be my final...!!Started Uni, having great fun, learning so much in such a short time, made great friends already and feeling like this was the right move - had a couple of hiccups along the way with the reccurance - my place was in jeopardy yesterday because of a Doc with no experience of cushings deciding I was 'unfit' for the course - he has now changed his mind and I am back in...figure that one out!! Just learnt that my first placement is at the local hospital and I will be caring for the elderly. I can't wait...!Family life has had its ups and downs, its finally all starting to settle down now and Harry is in a good routine with school and his tantrums are starting calm down with the stability we are trying to create at home. It got to boiling point with Mum a couple of night ago and I had a good cry with her and we aired our differences - things have been good since then. It has hopefully cleared the air for a fresh start. I feel happier.Finances are stretched. My student grant is less than I thought and I am fighting for childcare allowance which I thought I would be entitled too. Steves work has helped us out and we file for bankruptcy next week. At last...So, in brief thats a bit about my life. More saga later...


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