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Tuesday 14th Feb



Happy Valentines Day everyone! Steve sent me some beautiful flowers, roses, carnations, chrysanth's, lillies - I love gerba's but he couldn't get them - but they are beautiful.Still got a bit of cold left, seeing my GP later today to talk through everything with him. I saw him yesterday as Harry is still unwell and he asked me if anyone else had Cushings in the family. I mentioned I suspected my Mum may have it but she won't go for testing. It was nice, he asked how my nursing course was going. Harry is being refered to an audiologist to check his hearing. My GP couldn't believe it wasn't checked physically with his last speech therapist...my sentiments exactly. Hoping we can finally make headway on it all. Harry has a cold and cough right now and a slight ear infection, poor thing. Been going on for 3 weeks now, finally starting to see signs of it clearing up and he is sleeping much better, which is good.Found a car, a very cheap and basic one but will be economical as it is in the low tax and insurance bracket. Steve is picking it up tomorrow. It will do for a year or so hopefully until we're back on our feet.Finally ordered some nursing books from Amazon and a couple of them arrived today so frantically trying to get some studying done. I'd like to try and get ahead so that I don't have to do too much catching up after surgery.I have noticed over the past couple of days that I have been more tired and moving around a bit slower than usual. Hope its nothing. I sometimes get worried that things could progress quick like last time. I hope not. I desperately need Harry and my Mum to be rid of their colds and coughs so that I can get well and get in for surgery. I don't want to keep delaying but know that if I have any sign of infection I will have to, I can't afford to take the risk in exposing my brain to infection - oh I hate this. I have been virus free for so long and the one time I need to be well and I am not!!Decided to do something different this morning so dyed my hair dark. Its taking some getting used to but I fancied a change. Hoping I don't look like a candidate for the Rocky Horror Show right now!! :ph34r:


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