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hello everyone



Hi everyoneHope is goingt well for everyone and everyone had a good valentimes days Of course I speny mine inthe hospital but Kewn has beeen able to worlk local so it been nioice having him around and when have some trouble with myu step daugtewr so it best for her to dealt with her dad. I went to have my cyst/tumpot yesterday and we had to recheck it has tripple in past I sure theyare going to have to remove it I am waiting to have the endo call me and yje gyn so we can sch that that will sometime this monrning but I Am hoping for this is the answer the infectin they can find but other thenm laive has kinda been stessful with 4 kids Brittay has 40 days left of high school so we are looking forward to her grqadution but that also means my baby is growing upi but she she has worked so hard and we are so proud of her. It the first tine i had a minute to sit dwoown Ans write I need to make a list of what i want to ask the doctors Hope everyone is getting better and haviing a good week kandy


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