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I Feel Horrible Today



I cannot imagine the pain and suffering others have experienced with Cushing's. If it is anything like the past two days I extend my dearest and deepest sympathies to anyone who has been in these shoes.My headache is in full swing and despite every pain medication I have available to me I am struggling to make it through these days. I had these migraines when I was pregnant last year and every day seemed like an eternity. I was on bedrest, but who can rest with a small child? I feel terribly for how my children's lives are affected by my chronic illness.I'm trying desperately to make an appointment with Dr. F - just having a light at the end of the tunnel might help me find some strength. I am not complaining about him or his staff in the least, mind you. Today I emailed and said that there is nothing more important to me in the world and that I will take any appointment they have available nomatter when it is I will be there, and if they find themselves with a cancellation within two hours notice I can attend. Thank goodness I live so close by.I suffer with migraines so intense that when I delivered my youngest daughter I had a spinal leak from the epidural and didn't realize it for two weeks because the headache wasn't as bad as the ones I had previously. The only thing that tipped me off was that when I would stand or walk for a bit of time I would lose my gait and my vision would 'chatter'. I told my doctors this and they looked like a train hit them.My DH doesn't seem to grasp how badly I feel, but I have let him know that I can NOT continue to feel like this. I won't. I don't know what I can do, but there has to be something.Well, that's enough whining for one day. I'm off to be a mother and try my best to hold it together.

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