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preaping for surgery



Well it Thursday morning and the day after botox it was nice to wake up with no miograine I sure hoping that the botox will work likeitusually does. Because having todeal with the rest of the problemsi beleive i going to have to be able to concrete on getting this big surgery. Biy do i wish that I had let them take my ovaries when i my hysto when i was thirty now nine years later having to deal with the fact this might be cancerous mass on my right ovary is almostto much frome to take. but at leastnow the surgery is schuelue and we will get the biop so we know for sure. I kinda woriied how all the kids will get along when i am gone they have been having so many issues but i can't put the surgery off so i guess they just have to deal with each other and ken will have to keep them balanced. it so nice this morning to have a quiet moment i sure probably go ahead and have my good cry havn't done that but what good would it do anyway. maybe i just stay strong and dealwiith it later kandy


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