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Happy St. Patricks Day!



this morning I woke up after sleeping too much. About 12 hours! Since I went to bed after midnight, and woke up at 11:59, I assume that I am in another phase change, or whatever it is called. I have been getting 6 hours or less per night - quite acceptibly, until last night. I woke up sad, overwhelmed, irritable, sensitive to sound and light, and relieved that I was alone in the house for an hour or so! Time to down some coffee and take my morning pills before confronted with live and vulnerable souls here for me to snap at.I always needed 9 hours of sleep per night for years, and sleeping late was not unusual, however for the last 15 years or so, my body has decided that 6 hours or less is fine, even if I can't really accomplish anything in those added hours of awakeness.gotta pack to go back to leave Los Gatos and return to our Quartzsite home. It is in escrow, so life is once again swirling around like in the sunbeam mix-master!Decreasing stress for me requires time to get organized, to have quiet, no interruptions... and it doesn't happen without a bit of time to futz and putz around a little, to remember how it is to be beholden to no-one for a few hours. At least while I am trying to regain some great habits from another stressful time.At least I can slow down the rise of stress sometimes, and recognise when I am in a cushie-funk, at least sometimes.Today I am sure I have Cushings, and am hopeful that the right physicians can find it and root it out! I am even slightly hopeful that I may even feel better one day, might even be able to work, to think, to be productive again. Sleep tight!Mags ^_^


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