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Post-op - forgot what it was like



Well, I haven't posted on here in a while. Its been a kind of up and down few months...what's new. Things are starting to level out a bit now. I had surgery on the 28th February. Everything went OK and they think they have got out all of the residual tumour. I am doing a dex test on April 7th and have an MRI scheduled in June and see the Neuro team again in July, all of my appointments are scheduled. I was in hospital a wekk and enjoyed posting a daily report to the boards. It was incredibly boring in hospital and as most of you know you never go to hospital to get rest...the nights are crazy and I got an average of 3-4 hours a sleep each night, so came out feeling so exhausted. It was good this time round as I got to see Harry nearly every day and that was lovely, although he was fascinated by my nose packaging!!I was in hospital for a week and my fluid balance was fine as were my blood sugars (although elevated, still within normal range) and my BP was slightly high but nothing to be of major concern. I was discharged on 30mg of hydrocortisone with instructions to rest for 8 weeks, take gentle exercise, not to blow my nose for 6 weeks(!) although I was told 2 weeks last time round and that's how long I waited this time as heavily congested and could take it no longer!. I was also asked not to travel for 2 months, not to lift heavy things and generally to listen to my body.I had forgot just how tired you get post-op. Last time I had no choice but to care full-time for Harry (who was 3yrs old then) and just get on with it, my body hurt, I was exhausted but I had no choice. This time I was able to get th erest I needed in the first 2 weeks of discharge and I have just slept, slept and slept!!! Even when my mind is awake laying in bed I don't want to move!!Since discharge, I have experienced headaches, sinus soreness and pain, heavily ongested (still am 3 weeks on), tiredness, head pressure that can only be described as bad tension in my head that makes me just want to press the sides of my head to relieve it. I have had numbnedd in my gums (upper) and top row of teeth - my surgery was through the inside of my upper mouth behind the top lip.I must say that I feel better this time then with my last surgery as I wasn;t as ill pre-op and knowing what happens did help this time, I felt more relaxed about it all and prepared. I still wouldn;t want to face it a 3rd time though and hope for a cure - don't we all??!!My appetite is funny - I get incredibly hungry and then can't face food...I crave comfort food and don't enjoy seet things (although I have a sweet tooth) - sometimes feel like I am eating for the sake of eating but can't stop it. Hav eput on 5lbs since surgery, but I am going to see what happens with the weaning and hop that the weaning will be quicker this time round as it took ages to wean last time and it wook 18 months for me to get to 10mg a day!! All in all this has been a better experience but I just want to get on with my life now - once again I have had to put alot of things on hold including my dreams. I turn 34yrs old in June and I just want to start my life again and feel human again, experiencing 'normal' things and having the energy to keep up with my little boy.


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