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The longer I wait, the more symptoms I have!



:( for so many years I had the easiest menstral period on record. 32 day intervals, three days of light flow and then on or two days of spotting, few cramps, .. although I am told my PMS was horrible! When I am in it, I don't really give a darn! Actually, I suffered too, but not as much as those around me.anyway, my regular-as-clock-work period has finally showed a few signs of changing. I missed one period a few months ago, and now I only went 18 days between this time! Not at all as bad as some have put up with all their lives, but finally another symptom of bodily hormonal upset - other than emotional symptoms!I have thought I was in peri-menopause for over 10 years - now I wonder if I was a Cushie way back then. I started having emotional upsets, unexplained problems of various sorts, etc... I was put on birth control pills by a Woman OB-GYN, at least she trusted that somethingwas wrong! No blood tests run though!I have been prescribed estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, by several different Physicians over time, and not a one has taken any blood or run any type of test to confirm their suspicions. All anecdotal and symptoms-based, which was fine with me at the time. Now I realize that further investigation was needed from the start. I fought to have my sleep apnea diagnosed, and waited well over a year to get scheduled for a test, but I just never knew enough about hormonal issues, pituitary issues to know what to push for.I kept having my thyroid checked because I never felt 'better enough'. I thought I needed more synthroid, or something to make me feel close to how I was a few years before I got my thyroid checked.Now for the 'it would be funny if it wasn't so sad' part:In approximately 1986 I was at a new-to-me OB-GYN for a regular check-up, and she commented on my 'hump' or fleshy pad at the base of my neck! She said 'Keep an eye on it'.One of my sister's had a fit and said 'how are you supposed to keep any eye on something like that! and what are you supposed to watch for?!!, and what might it be!??She had been diagnosed with Hypo-thyroid, and suggested I be checked also. Hence my thought that the 'hump' was thyroid related.I guess I could claim 1986 as my "start-date" for cushings symptoms!I sure hope I can get diagnosed and treated more quickly now! ^_^ Thanks so much for this incredible web-site, the incredible information, and all of your kind words and thoughts!Maggie


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