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Getting on top of things



Finally managed to pull my finger out and get on top of all the paperwork. Have one thing to do though that for the life of me I cannot remember. Have a inkling about a letter I need to respond to but cannot locate it???? I have decided to give up thinking for a few hours ^_^:( probably do me the World of good!!I am feeling in better spirits today and have a bit more energy. Got a little bit sluggish this afternoon but no where as near as the past 2 days. I think going out for long lengths of time takes it out of me. Got a call from the speech therapist today and they have a cancellation so can see Harry tomorrow. This will be his first appointment in our new area. Hope it goes OK. We also had the appointment through for the audiologist to check his hearing.Went through some old photos today with Harry and we had fun saying who they are. Harry looks so much like me when I was a baby/young kid that he kept saying 'That's Harry' when it was me! Found some pics of me and Steve that I put on my blog. It's nice to look at old piccies some times as its a reminder of good times and it helps to spur me on to try and make my future better too. We looked so happy and had such a laugh...that's nearly disappeared and that's so sad - lately we have laughed more but I guess living with all we've been through can take the fun out of life - here's hoping those good times return.


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