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Finally able to add aentry



Hi everyone


it monday the tenth and i am finally able to sit at the pc and write this surgery has been very painful the second surgery was so much worst but i am sure it was becasuse my staples busted and my stmach was ripped apart i due to get the stitchesout this week but my healing is going so slowly that I am not sure they are healed and i stil having so much leakage from the iincision unless i lay flat that the only way it dosn't have the leake but the swelling does seem to be improvong Ken says it has really gone down lord knows I am not on the lasik as i know my body could not handle that but i am sure at some point they willputme back onit I go back to the endo next monday I have been on stresss dosage sionce my surgery and i sure he will cut them down immedly but I have such down days today I hardly be able to stay awake been having adrebnl sleep and hot sweats but I think i have a infection as it seems i am running an fever. I am so sorry we had tomis the converse in oklahome we were looking forward to going to that it seems like a lot of people had a hard time getting there but I sure it was imformative to the peoplethat were able to attend i look for ward to going to a conferce inn the future. I know cheryl put alot of workinto it well going to go for now


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