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Today has been a better day I did sleepin to two which is highly unlikely thought I have not been able tosleepat night so i sure that why my sleepsch is off Ken goes on nights next week so at least we be onthe samesleep sch I due to go back to the doctor on tuesday and the endoon monday so i hopetohave some answers from the the edo since he switch meback todealing with him and not his pa so he could follow my case more thoughtly hopeful i willhave llost some of myswelling not in face for sure i am so mopon face right now and hopefully I be able to go off my stress dosages I did have to start on my estrogen as i was getting so many hot fllashes Just anothewrr pill and it seem like we are all on some places medcation that itb mask our syptoms and i do beleive that why cushing is so misdiagnosed becasue of a lack ofknowledge i know the nurses at the hospital said she was going to look it and addsions up and i dirested her to the boards i toldhe rshe could get a lot of information on the boards I think the pain medcation is affecting how my cortisol is getting absorb I think that why i have been so tired well iguess i better run i off to my stepdaugter wedding i know tuesday is a stange day to get married but i guess to each his own




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