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Nursing and other things



I had a telephone discussion with the course leader today and she advised me to withdraw from my nursing course and reapply to the other University once I have my test results through and all is OK. I personally think this is the most sensible course of action although I would have liked a simple transfer, it would be easier this way. I feel very sad about not being able to work with my new friends but I guess life has a different deck of cards for me.


My cheeks are still burning red, I look very cushingoid today. I feel so tired and a little low. I thought I'd jump on the scales and see what I weigh - I know I should wait a wwk so sill to do so but I was shocked to see I had gained 3 LBS in 1 day. It's probably water retention but I do feel so crappy right now.


I tired to be proactive yesterday and started doing some research on GP surgeries and Endocrine Clinics around the country. I've managed to list some Endocrine Clinics - Doctors surgeries are going to take some time as there are so many. This is going to be a mammoth task, but it is very exciting. I think I need something like this right now.


I have tons of housework to catch up on and a pile of ironing to tackle, but no energy whatsoever. Just finished doing some work for Steve, writing up some stuff for him. My brain aches...


I'm trying to buy some bikes from ebay right now in a bid to exercise more. Just lost a bid...onward with the search.


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