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Silence...is golden



Its 7:30am right now and the house is so silent. Mum's doing overtime and was off to work at 6am and Steve and Harry are curled up in bed and it is so quiet, it is blissful.


As I said in yesterday's blog, come the evening and all was well again. Steve and I sorted out our differences and it turned out to be a lovely evening. The boys had dinner in the garden as it was a gorgeously warm evening and Mum and I shared a few laughs in the house.


Harry's appointment went OK, if a little rushed. He will only have 1 more surgery which is great. The plastic surgeon said that there is a samll chance he that the mole might resurface. Also some of the stitches may come to the surface. He showed me 2 which I hadn't even noticed. I guess as Harry hasn't complained about them. So, this should happen in 2-3 months. I'd like it to get sorted before he starts school.


Well, I better start getting ready as Mum wants me to pay some bill sin town...I had Saturday shopping...so am starting out as early as possible to avoid the rush!!


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