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Up and Down and Up and Down



Ok, so last Thursday was a bit of a nightmare. I woke up feeling rough, my stretch marks were almost invisible, and I my head was killing me. I'm guessing that was a low. Then, around 11am, the stretchmarks suddenly turned DARK purple, and I was suddenly more depressed than Ive felt in a long time. That lasted most of the day, then the mood and the stretchmarks calmed down around tea time. I have to guess from this that these feelings of sadness, isolation and desperation are a symptom of a high.

Friday, I was cycling very fast. I was hot, sweaty, tired and irritable one minute, and shaky, jittery and angry/ happy/ sad the next. My head was bad again, had to take twice my usual dose of pain killers.

Saturday was another up and down day. The pain, everywhere, was terrible. My moods were all over the place, and I felt sick all day.

Sunday, I was sooo tired. I slept on and off until after 5pm. The migraine was terrible.

Today, so far, I am irritable, tired, shaky, hot and the migraine is still with me.

I hope tomorrow is better.


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