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Update - 1st post-op endo appointment



Came away feeling deflated. Numbers are looking OK. Thyroid is now borderline within range. Oestrogeon is still on the low side. The plan is for me to reduce my hydro to 25mg and if I am OK try to get down to 20mg. I am increasing my thyroxine to 125mcg - see if that helps with weight loss. Need to combat one thing at a time in order to eliminate what is happening, so will have to continue to be patient. If a reccurance occurs then radiotherapy is looking likely. Need to also get used to Novotrapid. Try to get my sugars under control to a good level.


Gave blood and urine sample today - am scheduled for a synacthen test in 3wks. Will see endo again in August. In the meantime have eye app. on June 5th, MRI on June 9th and see neuro on July 10th.


Just feel deflated, just want this to end sooner then later, just feel like I am getting nowhere.


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