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Things are looking up...



I am feeling good...actually went out on my bike yesterday and Steve and I have promised to try and go out each evening. I can tell you, I hurt...soooooo much....my legs were burning and so was my chest and I ache today but boy was it worth it - I felt so good :D !! I would never have thought I could have ridden a bike a year and a half ago.


Steve and I are also planning a camping trip - never been camping in my life! but we have gone and got us a tent and are heading for the Norfolk coast for my birthday - I am so excited - I love the outdoors and haven't had a holiday with Steve and Harry in years so am really looking forward to the break. Got a feeling this will be good for us a s a family as it will get us out in that fresh air and meeting people - just exactly what we need.


On the health front, I am weaned to 25mg from 30mg of hydrocortisone and am doing fine. I will give it another couple of weeks and see how I do on 20mg. Doc wants me to be weaned to 20mg by August, so I will see how it pans out. I still get exhausted some days and have taken to having an afternoon sleep on Sundays but all in all not feeling too bad right now.


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