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Car Crash...what a day!



Yesterday was going to be a great day. I 'thought' I had an appointment with the hospitals eye clinic, so Steve, harry and I drove to Steves work. We were having a good old chat about our holiday, how we were looking forward to the break, the Sun was shining, it was a lovely day...then....CRASH!!!!! someone hit the back of our car....all of our boot was caved in, couldn;t shut it and the light was damaged. Our toe bar went through their radiator...nightmare! All of us went off to the A&E...Harry and I were checked, Steve chose not to and we went away being told we just had bruising, no major probs...thank god. Just feel really stiff and get the odd pain, so we were quite lucky. Harry is fine, thank god!


Got home and called the hospital to cancel my appointment, even had the appointment letter in front of me, staring at the date...the receptionist said, "So you want to cancel your appointment in July!!!!" - I couldn;t believe, I had convinced myself it was in June...we did have a good laugh about it on the phone, but boy did I feel stupid...I keep doing that, forgetting things, or getting things wrong...can't believe that we could have avoided the crash, but I guess if it hadn't of happened I would have gone along to the appoinment (an 80 mile round trip) to be told it was next month!


Steve sorted out the car, so we can still go on holiday...


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