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Zoo and MRI



No, no - I am not saying the hospital is a zoo...although sometimes feels like it...LOL! Harry and I went off to the zoo in the morning yesterday and spent a great day in the sunshine..and boy, was it hot - we saw loads of different animals. The zoo is a rescue centre too so many of the animals we saw were on the verge of extinction. Harry touched a python and got up close with a barn owl, a lizard and a guinea pig - OK not scary, but very cute. He had a good old time on the bouncy castle and playground. The kids are back at school so he had alot of things to himself. Although he did make friends with 2 little boys.


In the afternoon, I had my MRI scan, with and without contrast. I could have just fallen asleep on the MRI bed as I was so tired - shame about that continuous knocking sound that kept me awake...LOL!


Came home, and was ready for bed but had to catch one of the World Cup opening games. I'm not a big fan of football but World Cup fever has hit the UK. Harry already has his inflatable armchair with drink holder!!


We're off to the forest again this weekend for a throw around of the frisbee and a game of footie.


Mum and I are joining a diet and exercise class next week. Wish me luck! I have 6 stone to lose. Only a small amount!!! :D


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