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Been a long time since i bloged



Well this sugery was somuch more trouble then I though it seems like i take one forward and ten steps back i kinda scareds of this new bacteria they founded in the wound for the research that I done today dosn't sound very good but i will contnue to do research that has to be some kinda of treatment that is helpful but on a lighter side of things we got brittany enrolled at the college and her classes started on july 24 Brooke went to texas with her best friend to visit her friend dad and step mom she is having a blast but she has never been away from me ever for that long so I am missing her my step son is trying our patience but he met thisnew girl and she seems nice so we have to see how long this one last lol and then my step daugter is getting used to being married next wee two weeks willl be busy Ken birthday is monday and then gather day next day and that so hard for me because imiss my dad somjch but it also my stepdaugter birthdaty on fathers day Brittany turned 19 last friday tomany birethday in june and july around here well i getting to hurt quite a badly soi going tolay down Kandy


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