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2 weeks aftert surgery



Claudette is feeling tired and it is hard for her to go to far. From the bathroom to living room is long hike. The drainage has stopped. She had big clots come out from both side of her nose. They looked like slugs. :D She though her brains were coming out. Her friend Ashley who has been thru a lot from a auto immune disease of her blood was here all week to help out and answer question about meds. She was good to have around to keep Claudette company when she was awake. She also knew how to be quiet when she fell asleep. So far Claudette feels the same except for she say she feels like she has a bad sinus infection. I am still waiting to see the changes. Nothing real so far. I still keep on thinking about what the docs are thinking. I wonder what was on their mind when the saw her cortisol level over 3000. Did they wait because Claudette wanted to finish the school year? Would they have done this sooner? Where they playing the waiting game to see what else could happen? She is still shaking. Sometime just her arms, sometime her whole body.

She loosing the hair on her head and we noticed the hair on her arms is gone. They used to be hairy naturally. She is not loosing the hair on her face. The doc said that they were going to wait to give her female hormones until thy worked on other things. Does that mean the hair will stay? My mother bugs me to shave her. Should I do that? I know I is not true that it will grow more hair. I do know it looks thicker because all the hair grows in at the same rate. The hair on her face is at least 4 times more than any boy her age.

The endo wants to write this up in the medical journal because she is the Cushing?s poster child.


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