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A Quick Guide to Blogging

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Welcome to the Cushing's Help and Support Blog. This info is lifted almost directly from the Power Surge Blogs ( http://www.power-surge.com/php/forums/index.php ) :D


Some of you may be very familiar with blogging. Others may not. All blogs are configured differently. To make a new experience with the Cushing's Help and Support blog as problem-free as possible, we strongly recommend you KEEP ALL THE DEFAULT SETTINGS you'll see when you create your blog until you're more familiar with how to manage your blog. Then, as you gain more experience, you can adjust your settings.


The one thing you may wish to change from the beginning is either to "allow" comments to your messages, or to "disallow" comments. You can change this setting by simply clicking on the "Your Blog Settings" tab on the menu. That's entirely up to you and whether you wish to receive feedback from your posted messages, or prefer to simply use your blog as a place to express your thoughts, ideas, experiences, feelings.


Certain features have been restricted for various reasons - such as private blogs. This is done so for the security of the site. For example (this may seem a bit extreme, but it happens) -- let's say someone is in crisis and posting about suicide, OR someone is anticipating committing a crime or has committed one, Cushing's Help and Support doesn't believe this type of information should be kept private. If you want to convey this information to others, that's what E.mail and phones are for. If you're in crisis, always call 911.


The world we live in today isn't the same safe world it was even five years ago. Private blogs can open a whole host of potential problems. Therefore, we've decided not to allow private blogs - both for your security and ours.


We also recommend that you express yourself in any way you wish (please avoid using profanity), BUT caution you, as we do all over the Cushing's Help and Support Web site, NOT TO POST ANY VERY PERSONAL INFORMATION THAT YOU WOULDN'T WANT "OUT THERE" FOR OTHERS TO SEE.


This includes telephone numbers, E.mail addresses, real names and/or too much personal information about your life. We suspect you know how much is appropriate and what your comfort level is regarding personal information.


The Cushing's Help and Support Blog isn't much different from the Cushing's Help and Support Message Board except that it's sort of an "out of the way" place all your own. It's like having your own little Web site :D


Remember, too, that the basic GUIDELINES that govern the Message Boards apply to this Blog as well.


Please review the guidelines aka Rules of the Road at http://cushings.invisionzone.com/index.php?act=boardrules


You can read more about this blog and how it works by clicking on this link:



We hope you enjoy your blogging experience on Cushing's Help and Support!


Anytime you wish to return to the message board, simply click on the Cushing's Help and Support Forums link below the menu.


Blogs that have had no entries in over a year will be disabled. You can always enable them again if you suddenly have the desire to Blog again :)

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Hi, it's been awhile since I updated my health condition. I am a 53 year old female who had a history of Cushing's. I had my pituitary glad removed in 2013. I was in the hospital for 8 agonizing months because the doctors cannot figure out with what is going on with me. They were saying that it is a rare condition that they have to learn by themselves. Fast forward, I am back to my normal self. All the symptoms of Cushing's disappeared. During my Cushing days, I weighed 230 lbs. with my 5 feet height. I now weighed 150 lbs. and feeling good about myself. I was told that my Cushing's will still come back but I am being monitored by my Endocrinologist and to have blood tests monthly. Looking back at those years of ordeal was an experience for me that I have survived those difficult moments in my life. I am ever thankful that I was given a second chance to enjoy my husband and three kids. So for those who are undergoing the same upheavals, don't be discouraged and there will always light at the end of the tunnel.

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