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Saturday, October 30, 2006



Feeling somewhat energetic today! Not at all like this past week! I promised my husband Gus that this weekend the house would look better. I don't know, this being sick and working is for the birds!!! Doing a heavy duty cleaning is usually the last thing on the list. I am just happy that I can keep up on doing laundry and dinner! I am even going to try and put out my Autumn decorations! :) I LOVE the fall! Of course Summer comes first!!!! The only thing that I don't like is the fact that UGLY DEPRESSING winter comes next. After Christmas, it totally sucks!!! :D The fall, if my health cooperates, usually makes me want to bake and cook. I can't say that I've really felt moved to do it yet... :D It is rather cloudy out now, though the sun was shining earlier. Tomorrow is going to be rainy and cold. Tomorrow I am hoping to make it to our Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception in Albany for the Rosary for Peace. Lord knows we need it!!!!


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